The 5 Stages of Grief Before Swim Season

As we get closer to the start of the traditional season, swimmers everywhere are getting ready to put their goggles on and dive back into the pool! For many of them, it’s a major change from the carefree offseason life. To help everyone as we get reacquianted with the water, here are the five stages of grief the swimmer in your life might be going through as we get closer!

1. Denial

It’s ages away, right? There’s so much time after class, what do people even do with all this free time? I don’t need to do my homework right now, I have so much time to do it in! I’m going to watch TV. Life is going to go on like this forever!

2. Anger

 SWIM SEASON DOES NOT START NEXT WEEK. When in the world will I have time to do literally any of my work?! I’m going down to coach’s office RIGHT NOW to talk about the practice schedule. It’s ridiculous! There’s no way this is happening!

3. Bargaining

Come on, one more weekend off. Just one more weekend!

4. Depression

Goodbye world. I’ll see you in nineteen weeks. My life is over. I will never see the sun again because I go to morning (or should I say mourning?) practice so early and leave afternoon practice so late. My muscles hurt already, where’s the ibuprofen?

5. Acceptance

Better set my alarm clock for 5am…I guess this is my life now.


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