The Importance of Rainy Days

It looks pretty bleak outside as I write this. Everyone knows that feeling before it rains, when the sky is looking kind of grey and the wind is blowing. You can smell a storm on that wind. The common connotation is that a “rainy day” is a bad one. It means  wasted time, or time that could’ve been spent doing more. Maybe if the weather wasn’t so rainy, this day wouldn’t be so bad! Right?


A rainy day isn’t lost time but an opportunity. An opportunity to do something quieter but no less important. Some of my best writing has come out of rainy days, not because of some unique inspiration but because the rain made me sit down and think about writing instead of the thousand other things I would normally be doing. A rainy day can give us time to step back and think about something that normally wouldn’t get much sunlight in our day-to-day life, like a project that we’ve been putting off. Rather than letting time go to waste because it looks grey outside, why not take it as a chance to focus on something you can do inside?

Rainy days have helped me get things done that I was putting off, but it’s not just about finally cleaning up the living room or writing that article that’s been bouncing around for a few days. Rain is an important part of nature’s cycle. There’s something about watching nature’s unbridled forces at work. Trees bend, winds howl, and water flows, but it also promotes new growth feeding everything from the grass to the animals.

Rain symbolizes many things. In film, it can cleansing (see the Shawshank Redemption for a classic example) or it can be bleak (Battle of Helm’s Deep anyone?). It can mean life. It can mean relief after a long drought. It almost always means some kind of change, which is important. A rainy day is perfect for a change of pace.


It might seem bleak, but a rainy day can be as important and productive as a nice one. The truth is, we need rainy days. If life only consisted of “nice days”, how would we grow?


5 thoughts on “The Importance of Rainy Days

  1. Reblogged this on OaktownVibes and commented:
    What a post! If your a fan of rainy days ( and for those of you that aren’t) please read and be inspired. Rainy days are a the perfect time to sit down for reflection and/or to set aside time to work for or on yourself. Please read and follow this amazing blog. Peace and love to you all.


  2. This was absolutely amazing. Thank you for the link to your blog, this was beautifully written and I can completely relate. I find my superhuman powers in the midst of a rainy day. Your blog is amazing by the way. Thank you for this.

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  3. Very nice, I love rainy days, I’ve used them in my writing to set the tone, and it’s not always bad or ominous. It’s easy to forget to include the inconvenience of weather.


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