Swimming Workout #3

  Set Distance Set Interval
  1000 300 swim :15 rest
100 pull
200 swim
100 kick
300 swim
  1000 4×100
pull w/ paddles, bouy
pull w/ paddles, bouy, snorkle
pull w/ paddles, bouy
  500 1×500 easy speed
  450 6×75
I.M. fly-back-breast
  400 8×50 drill/swim :55
  200 1×200 cool down
Total Distance 3550    

This is another workout meant more for I.M. swimmers, but there’s a good bit of pull work as well.The middle part of the pull set is meant to be done with a snorkle – this might be new to some of you. We used these competitive swimming snorkles on my team in college, and I utilize them now as a coach as well. By remove the need to turn your head to breathe, the snorkle can help with stroke technique by giving athletes the time to really focus on what their body is doing. They also work the aerobic system a bit by restricting airflow by ~30%, so even though you can breathe and focus you are still getting a cardio workout. If you want to really increase the aerobic benefits of using the snorkle, get one of these cardio caps. They can really change a basic pull or drill set with the snorkle into a great aerobic workout.

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